Maybe Not A Good Thing?

I AM a diehard Pirates fan..everyone knows that, but I GOTTA VENT! I went to another game last week at PNC Park, it's packed..that's cool!  BUT..most of the people in my section are too busy getting up and down for food and bathroom breaks to even know who is winning! Or, trying to start the wave!  REAL baseball fans "Come to watch the game"!!  And did you's polite to wait till "THE END OF AN INNING" to go get your Nachos?!  I got a sore throat, NOT from cheering..but from yelling "Down in Front!!".  I call this the "IT'S THE HIP PLACE TO BE SEEN SYNDROME"..Pirates are winning, bandwagon is filling up with folks who just wanna go and hang out at the ballpark, and most couldn't tell you "Who's on First"!  Saw this happen with the Penguins a few years back.  Now you have to give up a kidney to afford a ticket to a hockey game in the Steel City!!  I am ecstatic that the Bucs are doing well, but I think I will stay home and watch them on my TV..I can ACTUALLY WATCH the GAME!!!!  Oh, and by the way..most of these same people LEFT in the TOP of the 9th (to beat traffic, I guess)..because the Pirates were losing!!  Hey, but they did manage to learn to make the "Zoltan Z", now they are so hip!!