Hearing is not Listening

I just got a call from a local volunteer fireman, who said that he is rooting for the Altoona Fire Department in the local "Guns vs. Hoses" Charity flag football game against the Altoona and Logan Township Police Officers. The game benefits The Miracle League of Blair County. The Game is this Sunday at 6pm, at Mansion Park in Altoona. He then insinuated that I talked up the Police Department, and said nothing about the Fire Department. That is a LIE. I have the utmost respect for both the Police and Fire Departments, and never said a word in Favor of either. This guy "heard" what he wanted, but didn't "Listen" to what i said. The sad part is that "the Guy" probably won't go to the game, or make a donation!!!!!!! "Hearing and Listening" are two different things. Support the Miracle League of Blair County, this Sunday. It's the Guns vs. Hoses game at Mansion Park.