People Drive Too Fast in Parking Lots

People drive way too fast in Supermarket Parking Lots. i was sitting in a local supermarket parking lot, waiting

for my brother, and peopple were wizzing by like it was the Daytona 500. First of all, there are a lot of people

in the area, mostly with shopping carts, THEY have the right of way. Next, there are children in the area, THEY

also have the right of way. So, slow it down, and we will be one happy family!!!!


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you guys play wayyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooo many covers of original songs done by others......Godsmack's "Rocky Mountain Way" does GnR's "Live & let Die" and many others..............if i were a DJ i'd NEVER knowingly play a cover song by any one.....if you cant do an ORIGINAL song, on you own, leave other stuff already done ALONE......................