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The X-Man is the host of Big Hair Saturday Night. He also is a fill in guy. He will fill in whenever needed.  When not on the air. The X-Man enjoys Professional  Wrestling(WWE and AON), NFL Football (Go Steelers), NHL Hockey (Go Penguins), Phase 10 and Candy Land(which I hear he is pretty good at.) The X-Man graduated from Altoona Area High School in 2000. Since 2002 the X-Man has been on 104.9. The X-Man, Tommy Edwards, The Shadow and Chad Bender have been on Rocky 104.9 since it went on the air January 13, 2004.  In fact The X-Man has been hosting Big Hair Saturday Night since January 24, 2004.  So it is pretty safe to say The X-Man isn’t going anywhere for a while. In fact we here at sat down with The X-Man before a broadcast of Big Hair Saturday Night. Here is what he had to say……

THE UNOFFICIAL, UNLICENSED, UNPLUGGED X-MAN INTERVIEW Thank you for your time X-Man.  We appreciate you sitting down to chat with us. Right before you take the airwaves with another broadcast of Big Hair Saturday Night. My first question is when did you start in radio?

X-Man: I have been with Forever Broadcasting since September 17, 2002. Now at that time I was hired mainly for behind the scenes work. I was in the studio doing what we call board op. It wasn’t too long before I found myself on the air.  I made my on air debut on November 17, 2002 at 12am. I actually was on after Big Hair Saturday Night. Which was then hosted by the Shadow. In fact the Shadow is a huge part of my radio career. When I started the Shadow was one of the guys that guided me.  Took me under his wing and helped me. He is one of them. I thank him, he is like a brother to me. What made you choose radio?

X-Man: Growing up as a kid in central PA. I heard all of the great radio personalities. I recall a story where I told Tommy and Danice I used to listen to them on the school bus. I would be on my way to school listening to the morning shows Danice said “Come on X your making me feel old”. But I always wanted to be on the radio. Now I am living that dream here at Rocky 104.9. We also understand you produce Steelers Football. I hear at one time you were not a Steelers fan. In fact you hated football all together. Is that True?

X-Man; (Grinning) Yes that is true, In the Summer of 2004 we started airing Pittsburgh Steelers Football. It was pre season, Saturday night and there was going to be no Big Hair that night. I not being a football fan was upset. But I did my job and produced the game on the air.  I did that for all the preseason games that year.  At the time I was doing Sunday Afternoons as well. Tommy asked me to run the games then as well. I did even though I didn’t like football. Tommy said he was looking to hire someone to just produce Steelers football. I told him I would do them until he found someone.  Well that never happened. In fact by week 3 of the 2004 NFL Season I was hooked! I remember calling Tommy and saying. Don’t worry about hiring someone. I will do it! Now every year I can’t wait to produce Steelers football. So it is funny how things go. How about some of your favorite bands? What does The X-Man listen to?

X-Man: My all time favorite band is The Monkees.  I would watch there TV show growing up. Re-Runs of course. I am also a huge fan of Journey. But my musical taste is very weird I would say. Friends love my mix cds in the car. I can have anything from Lady Gaga to Petula Clark. But then it would go to Winger and then to Huey Lewis and the News. So I listen to a lot of different Kinds of music.  Lately I have been listening to Foster the People. I love the song Pumped up Kicks. So I bought there CD. I really enjoy there album.  So yeah my musical tastes are all over the place.  But to narrow it down I like 60’s,70’s and 80’s and early 90’s.  Plus of course I love Hair Metal. Always have so it is kind of fitting I am the host of Big Hair Saturday Night. The best party show on the radio.

Rocky Thank you for your time X-Man. I see it is almost 9:00. Time for you to begin another broadcast of Big Hair Saturday Night. Anything else you would like to add.

X-Man: Actually I have a question for you…..Where do babies come from? Oh my….that X-Man!

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